My submission for the GMTK 2019 Game Jam for the them of, "Only One"

This game is a prototype for an idea of a fighting game with ONLY ONE button.

The space bar(and Enter key) is used to punch, shield, and break the opponents shield.


Use the mouse to select your mode.

Spacebar (and the Enter key for player 2 in multiplayer)

-     Tap to punch

-     Hold to block

-     Release from blocking to perform a shield breaking attack! 

Many thanks to my girlfriend for the lovely character sprites! Some of her work can be found on her Instagram at

Audio from

 S: electronic fantasy.wav by zagi2 -- 
  S: Video Game 7.wav by djgriffin -- 
  S: oof.wav by maxmakessounds -- 

Install instructions

Extract .zip file and run the fighting prototype executable.


Download 17 MB

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